Saturday, July 8, 2017

Walking in the English Cotswolds

It's always been my dream to wander in England, free as a bird, sketchbook in hand and camera hanging around my neck.

Maybe you've had the same wish.
Come wander the Cotswolds villages and footpaths through my eyes.

You can walk miles and miles on the public footpaths,
visiting with gardeners, taking shelter from rain in the pubs,
and eating scones washed down with endless cups of tea.

This delightful manor house lies between the villages of Chipping Campden and Lower Slaughter.
Wouldn't you love to peek inside?
Even the little fence beside the tree is done with such care.

The public footpaths draw you down past farmhouses and fields of sheep,
past pubs that are almost irresistible in even the tiniest villages.

How can I walk by without tasting the shepherd's pie or the Sunday roast?
One stops. One eats. One walks on.


And one makes little pieces of art to remember the journey.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Season of creativity

Oh, the pleasure when creativity flows free in all directions!

The garden, studio and home are all messy, the effect of so much non-stop making.
Peeks here at some of the scissor cut paper on my table...

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Tulip time

It's that season again, when I can hardly believe I get to live where I do.

The commute to work is just amazing and I find it hard not to stop and soak it all in, delayed by picking pesky weeds and a handful of flowers for a bouquet.

My little cottages from Spellbinders' Joyous Celebrations collection of crafting dies are a perfect way to celebrate spring (or anything else, really!)

Our own little home feels extra special in spring, and then a little cycling around the corner brings us to this...

Friday, April 14, 2017

Too inspired to stop!

Sometimes creativity pulls like a mighty river, leaving no option but to swim along.

What an abundance of making has happened lately!

And apart from all the creative endeavors, the studio got a thorough spring cleaning for a photo shoot. Yes, dear friends, there will be a magazine article this summer.

The Spellbinders Joyous Celebration crafting dies  continue to bring craftiness to the studio. 
Here's the Swallow and Heart die with its sweet little flowers and bird tucked into a paperweight- perfect for spring!

 And the brushes have had a workout lately, too.

The studio has been humming from morning to night!

What are you making?

Friday, March 17, 2017

A few of my favorite things

One of the most wonderful parts of being an artist designing for the crafting industry is that you get to play with those products.

This sweet little house is made from dies produced by Spellbinders and it's so much fun I think I've made at least 50 of them. No kidding.

This little house works as a wee gift or favor box, votive holder, cake ornament or string of party lights.

Want to make a little house?

You can find the die here

and see how-to tutorials here
and  here.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Winter serenity

Every season has its beauty, but winter's mood seems to me the most serene, the most contemplative.

The chilled light and stark forms of leafless trees has a quiet beauty all its own.
I love to walk with the dogs and let my eyes wander.

The farmlands are resting;
my dogs and I walk briskly alone along the river past field after field.

A sharp contrast to the bright lights and holiday bustle, this kind of quiet brings balance and peace.